Keeps the distance!

Distancer 2M

social distancing device


for you and your family

Distancer 2M is an electronic device that reminds the wearer to keep the necessary social distance of 2 meters by giving visual and audio signals. It is work as a badge or as a necklace.

Even though isolation is the best way to combat the pandemic, most of the time it is not possible to stay inside. The only other consistent method is social distancing from each other. 

Keeping 2 meters away is proven to reduce the risk of infection by 10 times. While that sounds easy, people are terrible at judging distances. Distancer 2M is here to reduce that risk.

Through ultrasound and light sensors we ensure the safety of the wearer and everyone around them by detecting people in the front of the wearer up to 2 meters away. Privacy is a top priority that’s why Distancer 2M does not use any bluetooth or WiFi networks and doesn’t track its wearer unlike similar solutions on the market.

safe and simple

Lightweight and affordable


no Bluetooth


no WiFi


no tracking

Distancer 2M i direktor TPV


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Distancer 2M can help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other airborne diseases. 

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